About Us

MarketThink is an online, web, print and e-commerce marketing solutions consulting practice founded to help small- to mid-size service businesses, retail businesses and non-profit organizations develop competitive advantages in today’s marketplace.

MarketThink focuses on identifying and creating information and e-commerce business opportunities for our clients, with the objective of enhancing and growing their business  and client base.

MarketThink’s primary objective is to provide clients with the competitive advantages they need in a growing, complex world of the web and e-commerce, where everyone is demanding attention.

MarketThink applies established marketing principles, real-world experience and understanding of technology to the ever-evolving world of online internet commerce and information delivery.

Our belief is that creativity combined with well organized and understandable information leads to new business opportunities and enhanced revenue streams for our clients.

About the Principal Partner

Fredric B. Gluck, the principal partner at MarketThink, LLC has over 30 years of high-technology experience. Leveraging an undergraduate degree from the University of California in Information and Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Business Administration as well as a talent for teaching and explaining the complexities of technology, Fredric specializes in “bridging the chasm” between businesses (who really want a simple, straightforward, way to get their ideas and products in front of the world) and the “geek” side of the web, (content management, web hosting issues, SEO, hosting, on-line advertising and e-mail campaigns).

Fredric has held positions in product marketing where he has developed and launched both hardware and software products. He has also held executive positions in e-commerce, and corporate marketing, where he has had oversight of marketing communications and public relations organizations. On the more “geek” side of the world, Fredric has designed and developed WordPress websites, administered Unix and Windows servers and networks, and taught CSS, HTML and programming concepts classes.

In recent years, Fredric has focused on designing and implementing solutions for the always changing and challenging world of on-line, web-based commerce and information delivery. With MarketThink, he has personally participated in the design and launch of over 30 successful sites.