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On Line For Non-Profits

Having previously spoken at conferences focused on using the web to raise support for non-profit organizations, I can confidently say two things:

First, the Web, as a story telling and publishing medium has huge potentials for non-profit organizations, Second, the problems that people have using this medium are the same problems that have plagued people who use the web for e-commerce, blogging and whatever other uses can be thought of. That problem is finding a good, clear scheme to organize and present all the information you think that your user needs.

At a conference I recently presented , many of the representatives of non-profits in the audience wanted an idea about “what was right” when it came to having a site that informed people about what they did and appropriately “made the ask” (as they say in the non-profit world) for financial or volunteer support.

Here is what we discussed as the top 10 questions that someone using your site wants to know. If you are a non-profit, check your site to see if you can to easily find the answer to these questions within two or three clicks from the home page. Better yet, if you are a non-profit, test how well your site communicates your core ideas and beliefs by having someone else use your site to answer them for you.

Here are the questions that your site should be able to answer:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What do you believe / Why do you do what you do?
  4. What have you already done to prove your expertise
  5. Why are you the right people to do what you do?
  6. Can I trust you with my (hard earned) dollars?
  7. How can I contact you?
    • How can I talk to a human being?
  8. How can I participate?
    • by volunteering
    • by giving
  9. How do I receive your services?
    • eligibility requirements
  10. How do I donate?